The Red Brick Preschool & Toddler Learning Center Classrooms

The Toddler Learning Center (TLC) has three classrooms for our children that are two years old by September 1.  There are 10 students with two teachers per class plus a roving assistant that helps in the classrooms. Parent volunteers are also encouraged.

The Preschool has five classrooms for children that have turned 3 years old by September 1.  Each classroom has up to 16 children with two teachers in each classroom.  The playground assistant teacher  monitors our outdoor play areas each day and gives our teaching staff breaks.  We also have a float teacher that does story time and helps where needed.

Our classrooms are large spacious rooms with a number of distinct learning centers.  Centers include: science, home-living, writing, library, blocks, manipulatives, puzzles, sensory, art/creative and a circle time area.  There is a restroom in each classroom to make potty time easier and convenient.