Enrollment Forms


Enrollment Forms

The following forms are needed for enrollment.  You may pick them up at registration or print them out at home.  There may be a few that are not available to download at this time.  We will also need a copy of your child's immunization card before they may attend. To find out more about fall registration click below.  To be added to our waiting list please click here to fill out information 2020-2021 Registration information Letter Wait List


 Enrollment Agreement and Release

Signature Form

Parent Contact Information

Earthquake FORM

Lead Test

The following forms are required by licensing.  Please go to CCL Website

Please print out the following forms:

LIC 700 - identification & Emergency information form:  

LIC 701 Physician's report : 

LIC 702 Parent's report: 

LIC 627 Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment: 

LIC 613A Personal Rights: 

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