What are the school hours?

We have early care starting at 8:00 AM if needed; however school starts at 9:00 AM and doors open at 8:55.  Depending on your child's enrollment; classes end at 1:00 or they may stay for extended care until 5:00 PM.  If you are needing early drop off you must first make arrangements with the office.

How many children are in one class?

In the TLC classes (2 year olds) there are 10-12 students per classroom with 2 teachers and 2 roving assistants. We also have a roving assistant that helps out in all three classrooms.

In the Preschool classes, rooms 1-4 have up to 16 students and room 5 has up to 10 students with two teachers and 2 roving  assistant teachers. 

Does my child have to be potty trained?

If your child is enrolled in our TLC program he or she does not need to be potty trained; however we do encourage potty training when he or she is ready to do so.  Children enrolled at the preschool (3-5 yr olds) should be potty trained. We understand accidents may occur and assistance may be needed, but children should be, for the most part, independent in the restroom.  All children not fully trained will have a diaper fee added each month.

What happens if my child is sick?

If you child has a fever of 100.4 or greater, has vomited, had three or more episodes of diarrhea in one day, or is too sick to participate in class he or she should not attend school. It is better to stay home for extra cuddles.  If we feel a child is not well enough to be at school we will call a parent to come and pick him or her up. Children may return to school only after they have been fever free and no vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without any medication that may reduce those symptoms.  

Do I bring my child a lunch each day?

Yes, you must bring your child a lunch each day.  Lunches will not be refrigerated or heated up. Please use an ice-pack to keep things cool.  We will assist your child with what to eat first and open packaging.  We will also encourage them to try to do as much as they can on their own when appropriate.  A few times a year  we offer a Pizza Day; cheese pizzas along with a fruit, drink and cookie.  There is a small fee, but you do not need to provide a lunch on these days unless your child does not want pizza. Here is a good link to some suggestions of what you can pack for lunch.  http://mommytruths.com/site/?p=7  At this time we are asking that you bring in a small snack for your child to eat around 10 AM.  

What should I bring each day with my child to school?

We suggest that each day your child brings at least one complete change of clothing including underwear and shoes.  If they are in the TLC program and require diapers and wipes please bring those daily, as well. A light jacket or sweater is advised for outside play.  Many bring these things in a backpack and there is a place to put them in their classroom. Please do not bring in toys unless there is a specific share day. If you child needs a lovey they may bring one and keep it in their cubby. We suggest you apply sunscreen before school; we are not able to do this for you. If your child requires any type of medication please either leave it in our medication box with a signed permission form or bring it daily. Medication should not be left in your child's backpack. 

What does my child need for Nap time?

If your child stays past 1:00 they will need to bring bedding for their rest period.  This includes a crib sheet, blanket and small pillow if needed that can all fit in a pillow case.  A lovey can be brought in as well.  The bedding will stay at school and you may take it home at the end of the week to wash.  We do offer a nap kit with bag included for $25. 


Can I volunteer in my child's classroom?

Yes!  We love to have family participation in our classrooms.  The TLC, in particular, enjoys family helpers on the same day you bring a classroom snack. Unfortunately, we are not able to have younger siblings stay in the classroom when you are volunteering due to our licensing regulations. If you would like to help out in any way just let the teachers know and they can let you know what will work best.  We will need a copy of your immunizations for MMR, TDap, Flu and TB in order for you to volunteer.  

How do the children learn about faith and being Christian?

Each month your child will learn a new bible story and song in their class. Then all classes come together to attend Chapel with one of our Pastors to sing and hear the bible story together. On a daily basis, prior to eating snacks or lunch the children say a blessing together as a group. Prayers are offered and encouraged if a child would like to pray about something that is bothering them. We work on being good to others and understanding one another. We also celebrate all the Christian holidays with flannel stories, books, and toys.